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Default Re: what did you do to your motor bike today?

Originally Posted by Egor View Post
Built a friction drive in the last few days. The first from a kit, also with a clutch. It was a BGF kit, I do not advise anyone using this kit unless you are a machinist fabricator, this is defiantly not a install and go kit. After completely rebuilding this thing I got it installed on the bike. I like the friction drive thing, except for the looks. It could be easy to install if you get the correct kit, (not this one) The engine is large I don't think you need an engine this big or powerful. It is fast as the kit uses a large roller. As you know the size of the roller dictates the top speed, It acts as a literal wheel the larger the faster you could go. If I were to build another I would use this kit and find another engine to go with it, you can see the quality in there kit. Have fun, Egor

From: Measure Twice

I think bike web site has problems, or are they out of business. When did you buy from them? I also did a search on another web site like ...... ...... and it seems that people conversing there also had a problem emailing them ect... oops... I just saw other posts here saying the same as on about not existing anymore.

Sad, but since I like DIY'er stuff mostly, guess I'll do OK. I suspect other places make wheel rub kits, I just was curious what a Mfr would be marketing for that type of drive and see comparisons to what DIY'ers are making. I will check to see if you have pictures up of the build with this.

I am on my way to use the washing machine pulley sandwiched to spokes with wood strengthened covered epoxy and two jackshafts and a bunch of other pulleys on the jackshafts to go to the engine with belt clutch. I did this before and it worked, but now I need more gearing down.

There is now in the works a 47 to 1 reduction will get me a range from 3.5mph at 2200rpm and 5.5 mph at 3500rpm there abouts. Yea it is slow, but it is for parade art vehicle, and alternately can mix and match to make hill climb OHV or if I can find the time and funds to get out in time trial, will see what 8 to 1 or similar can do for speed runs.

Even I could just omit one of the jackshafts by not running a belt to one of them since the double jackshafts were for a huge gearing reduction so not to burn up the clutch when running so slow and pulsing the throttle to keep under 5mph. I hope I can have just above idle and hold the throttle steady and cruse at 4mph


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