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Default Re: $ cheap huffy ?

a member here, who's name i can't remember right now, brought a walmart schwinn to me that he motorised himself, but had a few problems finishing up.

took me about an hour to get it together right, anf he asked me to test ride it first.

he bought it complete, already put together, and i rode it up the street, fired it up, and within 30' it started wobbling like crazy.

turns out the front wheel was put on finger tight.

i checked the rest of it and found just about every nut and bolt was loose on it!

the scariest thing, was this was an older gentleman, in his 70's, i think, who just wanted something to putt around on.

if it wasn't for me, walmart coulda killed this guy. and of course, taken no responsibility since he put a motor on it.

i wouldn't even buy socks from walmart. the only time i've ever shopped there was in new orleans (covington, actually) when i went there 4days after katrina hit to rebuild verizon's tower network. it was the only place that was open. even then, i wasn't happy about it...
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