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Originally Posted by Allen_Wrench View Post
Wow. I had no idea there were so many people who were as unhappy with, or disappointed with, the little China Gurl 2-strokes. I must now assume I've been very lucky so far.
A couple years ago I spent (I think) about $140 on mine. I had no illusions about it; I knew I wasn't buying a Morini. In the beginning I wasn't expecting much from it. When I was first running it, I was breaking it in so it smoked and was hard to start. I put an NGK plug in it, did some porting and tuning, and it ran great.
Since that time THIS SAME ENGINE was on the bike that was wrecked when I was hit by the truck. The steel bike frame was bent and cracked. The NT carburettor was cracked also; I think my leg was slammed against it. Other bike parts were later found to have taken enough damage to be beyond economical repair. (If you think this sounds bad, you should see my X-rays and my hospital bills. The bike and I suffered together.)
Once I was out of the hospital and moving around (still on crutches though, at this point) I looked the engine over, inside and out, and it seemed sound. So I bought a new carburettor, and mounted it on my present bike. It runs just as well there as it did before. I always check it thoroughly before each ride, as I do with the rest of the bike. I suppose I treat it like it's worth more than it really is. And it just takes the bike where I point it. I can only assume that I possess one of the best little HT 2-smokers around.
That said, 4-strokes are probably more efficient and pollute less. But I'm the wrong one to be able to say they are easier to maintain. Every one of my 4-stroke lawn mowers with Briggs engines were a pain in the butt, no matter how often I'd run them in the summer. I am meticulous with my maintenance, and each always had some little thing going wrong at some time or other. I guess the 2-strokers are just easier for me - fewer parts, less maintenance, greater reliability (for me anyway). Just easier and cheaper all across the board. Sure, they're disposable. They're so cheap that if something catastrophic goes wrong with one, you can just save a bit of cash and buy another. But, lawd hep me, here I am defending them. I'm pretty happy with mine.
I'll put the Atomic BB up against it, my brother. It's a 48cc flying horse motor. 2 1/2 years old, and has over 1500 miles on it. I've never been in the motor except to lube the pinion gear, and I've replaced the pinion gear one time. It was my first motorized bicycle build. After some initial teething problems with the exhaust, a intake leak that I probably caused, and a float that sprung a leak, the motor has been trouble free for 2 years. The only maintenance I do is lube the chain and pinion gear, and check for loose bolts. the first pinion gear wore out because back then I didn't know you needed to maintenance it, and I don't think it came from the factory with much lube on it. Remember this was my first. Since figureing that out I've noticed all my pinion gear wear has been greatly reduced.

It has easily run 30 mph all the way across Dallas multiple times now, and I've never had an engine failure on a run. Typically if I get out of the hood, I ride it about 15 miles, but most all day rides around town are 30 to 50 miles.

With a 40T sprocket it only has enough power to run a a top speed a little over 30 mph which is a safe enough rpm to run wfo all day in hot Texas summer. The motor has always been noisey since out of the box, but I've ignoried it, and it's ignoried me with no other complaints. It always gets about 120 mpg. I paid $125 shipped for the kit from Zoom.

The only reason I don't ride it more is because, I'm more in love with the 80 motors because, when I'm blazing across town in traffic I like to be able to do at least 35 mph, and that's a little beyond the Atomic BBs ability.

It's the one with the red and yellow tires in this pic.

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