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Default Re: $ cheap huffy ?

I have worked for Wally World before. Many of their practices, after Sam passed on, disappointed me mightily. One of these was how they "strong-arm" companies into producing a cheap inferior version of their product specifically for Wally World. Another is how they assemble and display these products, bikes included. My specific job allowed me to go to different Wallys in the area. I never saw any different or better.
Customers and some employees let the bikes fall over or get knocked down, banged into each other. In Receiving, while boxed they are tossed off the truck onto the conveyor and are stacked quickly, and with marginal care, onto pallets. I have even watched sub-contracted assemblers, who get paid piece work (i.e. by-the-bike) throw these things together with parts left over and every nut and bolt either too tight or too loose.
I have many other reasons for not wishing to shop there, but those are a few of them. I still believe that, with a little work and care, there are a few Wally World bikes that can be made safe. But PLEASE, people, I'm beggin' ya - wake up and smell the coffee! For under a hundred, or even around a hundred, KNOW what kind of bike you'll be getting. Check those nuts and bolts. Check those welds, look for cracks. Grease your bearings. Or better still, if you can, save back for a better bike from a real bike store.

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