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Default Re: what did you do to your motor bike today?

Originally Posted by 5-7HEAVEN View Post
Five years ago, I had a trailer project w/a BOB trailer and a 6hp Robin EX17 169cc overhead cam engine. I bought the new engine on Ebay for $105.00. Unfortunately, the engine was locked up and the crank wouldn't spin. I also realized a bike "pulling" a trailer @ 45mph might draw too much attention, so I shelved the project.

With so many huge engines being installed mid-frame bikes lately, I decided to pull the 40lb. Robin engine/Comet CVT off the shelf. After removing the fuel tank, air cleaner and muffler, 5 lbs. were lost. The engine had been packed very well for shipping. However, the seller had used "peanut" styrofoam, which jammed every nook and cranny of the engine's outer surface. After removing the pullstart and engine sheet metal, I found a stray bolt stuck on the magnetic pickup. Removing the bolt freed the engine, allowing the crank to spin free!

So now I have a new, trimmed-down 6hp Robin/Subaru engine w/Torq-A-Verter, awaiting another project.

The more I research this engine, the more I realize it is a truly OUTSTANDING one.

Annnd, it is EPA compliant!

So let me check if I got this right, your only talking about 1 engine that was bought on Ebay for $105 and, what it was as is and no returns? But I think I go this right, you kept it and then finally found out some parts stuck were due to a loose bolt around the flywheel and no you have it running or there abouts?

If so, great. Thats a big engine, the Briggs I have is only 3 hp and maybe is 120 cc or so I guess.

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