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Default Re: After a Bunch of Fails, went all in on a Corvette, now Im having second thoughts?

Ok progress has been slow, but I have finished the Decals and the Rear Wheel has arrived.

The entire Decal process was a lot to learn, but the results were surprisingly good. I had a small issue with the Fork darts sadly. Contrary to popular belief, putting decals on is not the same as putting them on models like when I was a kid.

The rear wheel is from Works-man, 11G SS. What a beast it is, but the rear axle seems almost too tight. The rear hub adapter is from Sportsman and is top notch worth every cent workmanship.

I tried MM, but never got any reply at all. Then I stumbled on Sportsman. Have not regretting it since and am glad to have found it.

Next step is polishing the bearing races, some SS nuts and bolts, and tires n tubes.

If I wasn't married and didn't have to work, progress would be soooo much faster, or so i would like to claim lol

The Frame:

Here's the top tubes drying:

Chain guard in all her glory

The fork, you can see the mistake if u look closely

And finally my Rear Works-man Wheel ready for duty
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