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Wink Re: Point Beach gets an EZM kit.

Originally Posted by gokart25 View Post
You've got to get some "along the way" pictures..(of your progress)

Where did you buy your 4stroke kit?
I have been saving and want to buy a complete 4 stroke kit, with the EZM clutch already installed (straight out of the box).
Anybody have some suggestions?

And my other question is: in a year or so, if I try to build a harbor freight 4 stroke motor, can the EZM trany fit on that?

I like what I'm reading about your build can't wait to see the pictures.
I are in order Dan.....let's see some

And too answer a question or two gokart25, GearNut got his 4-stroke kit from me as I am an EZM dealer near him. The Kit does come with the EZM tranny bolted to the engine so it's ez to install. And yes, the EZM's bolt-up to the Harbor Freight 4-strokes just fine. Hope this helps.

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