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Originally Posted by The_Aleman View Post
Biknut, have you even built a 4-stroke motorized bicycle yet? You're talking crazy over there, saying a chinagirl is just as reliable as a 4-stroke.

I spent 4 years with 66cc chinagirls. I've spent 18 months with my 49cc Huasheng. From my experience, a chinagirl needs more work in one month than a Huasheng in one year. In fact, all I've had to do to my Huasheng in 18 months is a valve adjustment and 4 oil changes. I haven't had to adjust anything else on the engine. I haven't even had to tighten a loose bolt on the bike. Even with the bugs I had with my shifter 4G in the beginning, it was much less work overall than any single chinagirl I've had, and I've had 5 of em. Also, when you get a Huasheng (or any 4-stroke), you already know it's not going to need any work to make it reliable

You want to look at cost, you aren't taking into account running costs, either. A 49cc 4-stroke uses >25% less fuel and arguably less oil than any chinagirl, mile for mile. A chinagirl costs more in a year than a Huasheng just to get around, and we aren't talking "spare parts" yet.

Commie copy of a 1930's commie engine vs a commie copy of a modern Japanese industrial engine. Technology wins again.
I admit that although I have a lot of experience with 4 stroke motors, I have zero experience with 4 stroke motorized bicycle motors other than what I've read on this site. I don't think that matters much though, because the principal is the same.

I accept your representation of your 4 strokes quality and performance as true and accurate. And if we're talking about a typical China Girl motor out of the box, then you're pretty much right on about that too.

But my comments are about an accurately assembled China Girl, and your description of a China Girl, compared to the reality of my motor is badly off the mark.

I'm fairly confident that in a side by side comparison between the 4 stroke motor you've described, and my China Girl motor, mine is equal, or superior in almost every area. Weight, performance, cost, longevity, I just don't see any advantage you have. If you're getting better than 120 mpg, then that has to be because your motor has lower performance.

I know you can argue that I had to go to a lot of trouble to make a motor of this quality, and stock motors are not going to be nearly as dependable as mine, but all the parts are readily available, and the skill it takes to make one is relatively low level by most motor building standards imo.

After reading all this you'll probably get the impression that I'm some kind of 2 stroke lover, but I promise that's not the case. I've been just as biased against 2 strokes all my life as most people are. As a matter of fact I think was born with a bias against 2 strokes.

In junior high school I bragged to a kid that my souped up Honda 90 would destroy his stock Yamaha Twin Jet 100 in a drag race. The only thing I knew about a Twin Jet 100 at the time was it was a crappy pos 2 stroke. The only thing that got destroyed that day was my appetite, after having to eat a gigantic piece of humble pie when he showed me his a## about 5 times in a row lol.
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