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Originally Posted by Lance Portnoff View Post
Did you say get 5 motors and you might get a good one? you got to be kidding me, save your money and time and get a quality 4 stroke engine and never have to worry about a thing, add reg gas and go, Half of this forum is about problems with these cheap 2 stroke engines. People get em to work but for how long before they take a s#@t
there is nothing wrong with a centrifugal clutch and I have hundreds of hours riding motocross and racing downhill mtb bikes. china = crap USA ALL THE WAY !!!!
For a beginner with limited mechanical experience, there's a lot of wisdom to what you're saying , that's for sure.

OTOH someone with skill can have a well built China Girl motor for about $335 or less. This assumes $185 for 1 motor kit, plus 4 extra cranks, which are about $25 each. The rest of the $335 is gaskets and shipping. Add another $30 if you upgraqde all the bearings.

That sounds like a lot of trouble, but imo you end up with a better motor for a motor bicycle for your trouble.
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