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Originally Posted by biknut View Post
2 stroke China Girl is definitely the way to go on a motor bicycle with these conditions,

1. You have blue print your motor before installation in the frame

2. or, you need to plan on buying about 5 motors on average it get 1 good one out of the box. Still not as bad a deal as it might seem, because you'll have spare parts to keep you going for years.

The advantage of a China Girl as I've described is, it will be faster and lighter, plus just as smooth, and dependable as a 4 stroke of equal size. Even if it's not faster it will still be a lot lighter. China Girl motors are easier to work on, and less maintenance intensive. There's a better aftermarket for China Girl parts, and performance.

When all these considerations are taken into account, the China Girl advantage is pretty much insurmountable.
I must be right because my wife said something about me knowing it, and it all lol.
Another problem with 4 strokes, and this is a deal breaker for me, is most of the common 4 stroke motorized bicycle kits only have a centrifugal clutch. That may not be as much of a problem if you come from a non motorcycle, or non riding background though.
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