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Default Re: x1 or x2 pocket bike transmission

Originally Posted by stuch View Post
thanks for the reply i know i can make the adapter and the mount do you think the gearing might be right 11 tooth trans 44 tooth chain ring 30 tooth drive on to 26 tooth low gear and a 14 tooth high [ 6 speed ] and who would the vendor be
Your best bet would be to gear the bike very low. First, 2nd and 3rd gear will act as granny gear and work well at low speeds.

With 11t/44t, that's 4:1. Pocket bike gearboxes are 5:1, so that's 20:1.

With an 14t-26t rear cassette and a 30t front chainring, final gearing ranges
from a weak 17.33:1 to a lackluster 9.33:1 In fact, only the first four gears in the cassette might be usable.

In retrospect, my 7th gear is 17.72:1, which I use as a "pulling" highway gear.

If you used a 48t front engine chainring, six gear might be usable @ 10.18:1.

FWIW, I use an 11t chained to a 72t 8mm chainring. using a 24t front bicycle chainring, my first gear is a VERY low 46.36:1, while 8th gear is very usable @ 15:1. Granted, I use a high-winding Tanaka 47R engine, so low gears get used well.
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