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Default Re: OK very overwhelming, quick question ....

I likethe term "junk" engine- but not because of any implication of quality-
I use it in the sense of the term Chinese Junk Boat- the traditional utilitarian vehicle of remote asian river areas.

That's how I most think of my bike- as a utilitarian vehicle- I've sorta been through the "hobby phase" now- it's almost threes years (will I write that 3 year report? I meant to do one last year and the year before, but I wasn't ready then)

If anything, I've valued my own bikes up just a little bit too much- although nothing that exotic- just the best mix of cinese junk 2 strolke motors and lightweight traditional cycling advances- and mostly because I carry them up a flight of stairs.

But the beauty of these motors and activity as far as I'm concerned is that you can have so much VERY CHEAP transportation for so little- and the motors themselves are SIMPLE really. Yeah you can think of them as some sort of custom machine, and you can strive to get every ounce of speed you can out of it- and there are otherwise still choiices- 4 stroke, friction drive etc. I seldom ride without a basket, because I do a good deal of my daily shopping with it. If I lived on a first floor and had some place to keep it, I'd probably have my 66 with baskets both front and rear.

To me, theres a simplistic utilitarian beauty to the 2 stroke bikes and you can still be on the road for about $200 with an old cruiser.
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