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Default Re: New member needs advice on what to buy

200-300 pounds plus you and the weight of the bike is a lot. I am not sure if either would be able to do it. If you arn't worried about being 100% legal then the salesmen was wrong. The mopeds are limited at 30 and will only do about 40 without expensive mods. Get a 50cc honda and work on it a little. I would suggest you go with a shift kit. You could gear it down in the jack shaft so that you will be able to get going and then shift up to get to cruising speed. A lot of people here put disk brakes on there cruiser.

Really for this application I am afraid that the motorized bicycle is at its limit. Unless you are willing to do something crazy like the 212cc hf engine like a few people have done. I don't think that you will end up very happy.

Dont let me talk you out of it because I am still a little new to this. Every one else chime in and tell me I am wrong (I do hope so).

p.s. What modle of Tomos are you thinking about getting?
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