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Default Re: what did you do to your motor bike today?

Originally Posted by MEASURE TWICE View Post

From: Measure Twice

I bet it was those gound hogs, there awakening and go around widdeling loose ground connections.

But really, I have a Briggs and they use screw/machine thread and nut with external tooth starwasher. The thing that is really a mess is the solid wire that is very brittle for the kill switch/points that broke off on me right down next to the epoxy (primary larger diameter wire thankfully). I melted with a crummy old solder tip to gain access to a 1/4 inch of this coated magnet wire. Then exacto knife scrapped away insulation and the soldered using the good tinned tip an extension wire. Used High Temp RTV and had it all back together using stranded high temp wire like the stuff for volt meter probes. No breaking that way!

I just have to add this.... once happened when a ground wire on the blower motor on the air conditioner in car had got loose. I had a cloud starting to rise from below the passenger side floor under the dash board. I was driving freeway speeds and was freaked out. It was really an opaqe cloud expanding upward. The installation on the AC was not good. They did'nt use an external tooth start washer on the wire lug or even scrape away much paint to get a good ground. Just letting you know if you are not driving through fog, but are actually transporting it

You've got as Briggs??? Those are good motors. My winter motor is Bridgestone Titan which has proven to me to be very tough.
Just got back from a ride to get goodies and smokes-running good -tonight I go out again. Today is Feb 4(Sat.)
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