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Default New member needs advice on what to buy

I have no experience with motorized bicycles or mopeds. I want to purchase a six to eight foot aluminum bicycle cargo trailer designed to carry from 300 to 500 pounds of cargo behind a non-motorized bicycle (pedal power). I need advice on whether I should buy a 4-stroke beach cruiser bicycle to pull the trailer or, if I should buy a Tomos brand upscale moped with a heavy-duty 2-stroke engine and heavy-duty two gear automatic transmission. I would spend twice as much for the Tomos moped than I would for a new beach cruiser gas powered 4 - stroke bicycle. A bicycle store owner that does not sell motorized bicycles or mopeds, told me that gas powered beach cruiser bicycles have a common problem with the rear sprocket placing too much strain on the hub spokes and wheel bearings. He also told me that without even pulling a cargo trailer, the brakes wear out prematurely because beach cruiser bicycles do not have disc brakes and were not designed to go 30 miles an hour. I then visited a local Moped rental / sales / service business and was shown four different models of Tomos brand mopeds which all had 2-stroke engines. I was surprised by how large the head of the engine was on each Tomos moped model; the owner / mechanic explained to me that Tomos Corporation only makes 2-stroke engines, but they have thick-walled cylinders and heavy-duty two speed automatic transmission gearing. He said Tomos 2-stroke moped engines will outperform and outlast any four-stroke moped engine and any 4-stroke beach cruiser bicycle engine. What would be the most reliable way for me to travel long distances in bike lanes pulling a bicycle cargo trailer with 200 to 300 pounds of cargo? Are there beach cruiser bicycles with disc brakes and a better sprocket attachment design with stronger hub / axle and sealed bearings or, is what I was told is a common design problem not correct information? How many miles can I expect to get out of a 4-stroke beach cruiser bicycle pulling a six to eight foot bicycle cargo trailer with 200 to 300 pounds? The six to eight foot aluminum bicycle cargo trailer is made by Bikes At Work Inc. located in Ames, Iowa. Their website address is: As far as I know, they are the only company in the U.S. and possibly the world, that make and sell such long cargo trailers for bicycles.

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