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Default Re: tallest apes possible on BGF setup?

Originally Posted by 2door View Post
We can't answer that without seeing exactly what you have currently for cable length. Pictures wouldn't be sufficient to give you an accurate answer. You'll need to determine that yourself. Take the advertised height of the apes you're planning to buy and take your brake/throttle/clutch control off your current bars and see if the cables will reach that high. It's a good bet they won't. Longer cables are available most anywhere that sells bikes.

In addition, if you've never ridden a bike with high ape hangers, be prepared to adjust your normal riding style. The tall bars will have an effect on steering and control that you'll need to get used to. Be careful.
too tall of an ape an it can get skecthy to keep balance an even harder to hold on when your arms go numb . just be careful .
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