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Default Re: Hi All..glad to be here and to meet you all

Welcome aboard, MM.
Best advice would be to read through as many of the fab threads as you can.
There's SO MUCH good information here!
and helpful people!!!

IMO, as mentioned above, a 212 is big and heavy for a rack mount.
makes for a tall center of gravity and less than optimal handling.

If you really want to experiment with drive mechanisms, might be good to try a pusher trailer... then you can get at everything easily, all the time???

Also, IMO, the 79/98/99cc 4 cycle HF engine is probably better suited to motorized bicycle application because it is smaller, and does have plenty of power for most use.
Only prob is that our magnificent Kalifornia CARB won't allow them shipped here.
(Got a friend over in Reno/Sparks???)

By far, IMO, best way to get involved in mabs would be with a chinagirl and a thrift store mtb bicycle that has front and rear rim brakes. Still gotta find one that can be shipped into our state. :-(

FD string trimmer is fun, too.
It might be the best way to avoid inter-action with the tax collectors.

Read through a buncha threads and have a look at what the advertising vendors have to offer!

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