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Default Re: Help! Building a Clairmont 80cc, won't start



Glad to see that mathematics thing got worked out! lol

16 or 12:1 WoW!

...I mean, I've probably done that at some time or other, in the past, on some old motor, when there was nothing else available and I needed to get a task done...
But Gosh! That's an awful lot of oil! lol

Guaranteed to foul the plug!

and I probably did it with 30wt motor oil ! lol

There's tons of opinions here in the mix oil threads to review so you can decide which camp you wish to side with....

I'd like to try the Opti2 at 100:1 next time I experiment with mix oils.

In my present (well run-in) 2 smoke engines I'm running from 3 to 4 ounces per gallon of unleaded Kalifornia gas. They are all hangin' in there... No great performance, but no fouled plugs, either.

Glad you are having fun with the new mab!
You should have most your bugs ironed out in time for lots of good riding this spring and summer!
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