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Default OK very overwhelming, quick question ....

OK Guys , apparent Idiot here !

I have tried searching and have been reading here for 2-3 days. What I am confused about is .....

Are there any 2 stroke engines Better than the crappy "China" units , yet not $600 Morini Power units?

I mean I would love to find a $200.00 "kit". But not have to deal with what appears to be a Junk engine. Any engine that you need to tear down on day one to find out if it may or may not have bearings instead of bushings should be a flashing neon indicator of CRAP ! I have read numerous reports of people ordering 60+cc engine only to find out when the self destruct that they are 49cc! The Dealers can't even tell that they are selling apparently.

Thanks for sharing all your knowledge. Sorry to offend if I did.

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