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Default Re: Help! Building a Clairmont 80cc, won't start

Originally Posted by BTR View Post
Ok, then my fuel ratio isn't what I thought it was, I have a 6oz bottle of oil with a 1.5 gallon tank. Maybe I'm just doing my math wrong. But, I got the bike to run, I got a good ride out of it, the clutch seized up when I tried to stop for a stop sign, now when I pull the clutch it does nothing, the chain doesn't move. the bike rode, but the second I tried to idle, it died. If I'm sitting in idle, should I engage, or disengage the choke?
First thing is everything you are looking for is in this forum if you search for it. You will learn a lot of great info if you just look for it but......

The bottle of oil you have hopefully has a mix chart on it to follow? I know the oil I use for a 32-1 mix is 4 oz to a gallon but oils vary especially with some of the synthetics.
Once you have the bike running for a minute or two you should not have to mess with the choke at all- its only for cold starts. Here in Az I might use my choke once or twice a year!
I'm not understanding your clutch issues. What i tell people is with the lever released (as if you were riding under power engine engaged) go to the clutch arm where the cable is attached. Loosen the lock on the cable and just using you hands pull the cable tight and snug up the lock to the arm and tighten it down. This is usually a good starting point. There should not be much if any tension on the clutch arm with the lever on the handle bars released.
Hope this helps and don't be afraid to use the search feature of the forum. Good luck!

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