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Default Re: Help! Building a Clairmont 80cc, won't start

12-1 is WAY to much oil. 16-1 is still to much. Try 24-1 for break in then 32-1 after the first couple tanks. Personally I run 32-1 Lucas semi synthetic, even for break in. I think you'll find many here will agree with me with on the mix ratios for a "normal" 2 stroke oil.
Sounds like you might be confused with the mix ratios. 32-1 is leaner (less oil) than 24-1. So at 12-1 you are way to rich (to much oil) so much so that there is just not enough fuel to ignite.

I had a customer who mixed his fuel in his tank and put the oil in first then the gas. All the oil settled in the carb float bowl and of course the engine would not fire-they wont run on oil alone. Just saying.

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