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Default Re: what did you do to your motor bike today?

Yeasterday I rode down to the Legion to get their lotto tickets and when I got back, the second I pulled into the back yard, my bike died!!! I thought nothing of it cause the weather warmed up big time , and the bike was idling really low.
Today, I went out to clean and relube the chain and clean the rim. When all this was done, I decide to fire it up, and it ran for a bit and then started missing badly and died.
I removed the top of the carb and cleaned out the inner screen. Then I fired it up and it screamed a bit, then started missing and died again. Then it would not star at all even after about 100 pulls - I felt stupid.
I checked for spark and the spark was really small and week, so I pulled the magneto, and noticed the the lead comming from coil that is riveted to the plates, was kind of loose and that the coil could slide up and down along the plates.
I crimped the rivet hard to tighten it up and then solderd it to the top plate.
Problem solved!!!!! fired up on the very first pull and ran super!!! without missing at all.
Now I gotta reset my fuel/air ratio and idle since the electrical is now really strong.
Funny though a few days ago, my kill switch failed - I had to pull the magneto and solder a brand new ground wire on and install a new connector.
My bike ran really well and consistent for the last 2 months and now ait will run great right till spring.
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