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Default Re: A post from an unhappy camper

Originally Posted by trackfodder View Post
You say I haven't posted in awhile. Believe me it is not that I haven't tried. I attempted to send 4 pix of a motorbike with HP photosmart Premiere. I had previously stupidly filed the groups I might send to in a shortcut thing. Net result is I just sent 2 of the 4 to my Locost car club, who couldn't care less. I also tried to copy and paste an essay into it but where the **** is the edit? I still can't get my pix transferred to Photobucket so I can submit here. I have just about had it. Keith (trackfodder) Williams
Dude, cool down. It's not that tough.

Are your pics saved as .jpgs? Screw the HP software save them on your desktop as .jpgs. Then click on the manage attachments bar (below) when you are making your post. Then hit browse, upload (may take a bit) and you are done. You may need to resize the pictures.

Edit is right in the post, bottom right. Copy and Paste an essay? Just text - should just highlight, copy, paste....???
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