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Wink Re: Is the GEBE with Tanaka 40cc right for me?

Originally Posted by Otero View Post
Anyone know the best place to buy a tanaka 40cc. I've built my own belt drive
that runs just fine with a honda gx35cc, but I'd like a bit more oomph cuz I
plan to be riding over a lot of mountain passes. I pedal as best I can, but I've
had major traumatic injuries to both legs.
I know monster scooter parts sells them, but I'm hoping for a better price. It
just doesn't make sense they want close to $400 when a chainsaw with
tanaka 40cc is just $300. I don't want to tear up a chainsaw and try to adapt
it, but I'm thinking there must be somewhere I can get a surefire cheaper.
Maybe Google BladeZ scooters......they were standard engines on all of their earlier stand-up scoots, but are no longer made.
I've owned 2- 47R, 2- 40cc, 1- 33cc and 2- 26cc Tanakas and can tell you they are a very well made, clean burning Japanese 2-stroke engine with lots of HP parts made for them not too many years ago. They were expensive, but as they say, you pay for what you get........very true with the Tanaka!

I still have several, but they are currently in use. Good luck with your search.

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