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Default Re: bogging driving me nuts!

Originally Posted by fischerking45 View Post
He said that the porting requires a bigger carburetor to get it to work right. Is this true?
No, that's not true. The stock carburetor is capable of delivering enough fuel. Porting doesn't change that.
What fuel/oil mix are you running? (16:1 is way too much oil)
What's your plug gap?
How fast are you twisting the throttle? Unless everything is right on the money, such as air to fuel ratio, correct plug and the plug gapped correctly( .024 to .028), clean air filter, etc. The throttle response might not be as crisp as you'd like it. Is the bogging you're experiencing when riding or setting still with the clutch disengaged?

Don't rely on the kit supplied spark plug to deliver optimum performance also the spark plug boot that comes with the kits are questionable.

Drop your fuel/oil ratio down to 32:1 and use a fresh batch of fuel.
Get back to us if none of these suggestions work for you.
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