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Default Re: Custom Frame For Thumper Motor

Originally Posted by culvercityclassic View Post
Update: trying to get my race bikes ready for the up and coming events...this tank had a leak at the back and was not good. Had to tig weld it I held my breath and let it rip...JK...I did a little research to save my life...brake cleaner 1st, then some water and simple green and good to to mount it back on the bike and tune it up...

using brake cleaner can KILL you if used as a cleaner prior to welding


Phosgene is formed by decomposition of chlorinated hydrocarbon solvents by ultraviolet radiation. It reacts with moisture in the lungs to produce hydrogen chloride, which in turn destroys lung tissue. For this reason, any use of chlorinated solvents should be well away from welding operations or any operation in which ultraviolet radiation or intense heat is generated.
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