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Question Re: Centrifugal Clutch fell apart

I too have just removed the CC for a quick maintenance. Thanks to Rohmell's advice all went well. But one thing is happening now. 1st let me tell you I am running a sbp jackshaft and pull start. So, I can either start it from pedaling and releasing the old clutch lever or use the pull start. With the weather very cold right now, its easier for me to pedal start the bike. So here is whats going on now.

After re-installing the CC, I went to pedal start it and try to turn over the engine and it wouldn't turn over, it felt like I was stripping something when trying to pedal (lots of force). So, tried a few times with the pull start, the engine would turn over but not start, no big deal, use to that because of the cold. Tried again with pedaling, this time it turned the motor over and started, there wasn't any slipping from the CC, she rode fine. After having the engine running for a while, shutting it down and re-starting it again by pedaling no problem. It seems after a good warm up she starts fine either way.

Never had it lockup like that before after the 1st install of the CC. So, I'm not sure what is causing it. I'm pretty sure all the pieces of the CC are put back together right. Anybody with the some ideas would greatly appreciated.


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