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Default Re: Hello from Portland OR!

I retract the statement made here about riding a motorized bicycle on bike paths in Oregon. it was wrong; sorry for any confusion. Oregon law clearly states that any motorized vehicle for use on public roads shall meet federal safety standards, and this is imposible in my opinion.

The Oregon laws concerning 2 and three wheel power assisted vehicles, as well as others can be found here:

I have been riding here in Hermiston for over two years w/o any problems till last Saturday. No ticket, but he told me I had to have a MC endorsement, lights attached to the bike, and reflectors, and under 50 CC, but made no mention of insurance, registration, or insurance and license plate. He was incorrect on the lights, the CC limitation, and the other requirements that were not mentioned.

I have heard that the police here are starting to harrass? people around here; all to poor to buy a real MC or legal moped, like I'd own a moped, or are disabled. Seeing how he was incorrect about the CC req., the lights and reflectors, and didn't mention the legal requirements for a motorized vehicle on Oregon Roadways, that if I carry the MC Moped Manual with me, which does not cover a motorized bicycle, and the bicycle manual, that he might just forget about it needing to be licensed. I did, a couple of days later, ride my bike down to the cop shop and tried to give some things I'd found that I thought favored me, but she would not take then. She did take my name and address and told me she would tell the officer that I'd requested some clarification on the issue. It's been five plus days, and he's not been by or called me to offer me any information one way or the other. I think I can get by once on ignorance of the law, but not twice. I will push it till they ticket me and then plead insanity. I was stopped by a stater for an incomplete stop, but no ticket. He told me all I needed was a drivers license, and I'm going to rely on his information over a city cop. I've ridden my bike in all the towns around here, and other than the above two instances, have not even been looked at hard.

Hope any of this is useful to someone.

Now then, to try to find out if a 35 CC mounted on a bike makes it a scooter by Oregon definition and thereby legal to ride. Then comes a shift kit I guess. I will not be held back!!!

Good luck,


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