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Default Re: Brooks saddle

I have both a Brooks B67 saddle and a Large hairpin saddle from the Rideable replicas place.

You really can't compare the quality between them. The Brooks is far superior in quality and finish but as people have mentioned it is very expensive.

I would consider the Hairpin saddle to be of excellent value however. It may not be finished to standard of the Brooks but you get a lot for your money. The hairpin saddle is quite different from other saddles I have ridden. It is VERY large indeed. It was too big for my felt bike. It just looked out of place. I had to stick it on a large frame with 700 series wheels to make it look decent. It is sort of like sitting in a hammock. (I call it the banana hammock) The leather is suspended between the front and rear springs so it bows in the middle where you sit.
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