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Default motor kit options

Hi All,
I just got a new bike and want to outfit it with a motor. It is daunting looking at all of the options for motors. My first thought was do I get a gas or electric motor kit? I am leaning towards gas. It came with Shimano automatic gear system built into both wheel hubs. I am wondering if I need to switch out the gearing ststem before motorizing. Also, if I didn't have to switch it out than that makes it so that I couldn't get an electric motor kit or would at least limit my options because of most of them being in the wheel hub. I guess in asking for advice I should mention some about my bike & how I would use it. It is a *Schwinn Nancy women's coasting bike. The woman I bought it from bought it from someone else 3 years ago. It is just like this one and even has a Performance bicycle sticker on it.
It also has a retro peddle brake system which I would want to either convert to a hand brake system or at least supplement with a hand brake. What type of brakes are normally used when motorizing? I live in a flat land area, but would like to be able to do hills (I live in the Bay Area and hills are a few blocks away). I also want to be able to make it into a cargo and/or passenger bike so the motor would have to be able to conquer a hill with a load (potentially). Also, I don't want to always be pedaling. I would like to be able to pedal with no motor use sometimes though. I also would just be doing a lot of around town riding. I am interested in a retro (maybe chrome finish or all black) looking motor kit or a small barely noticeable one. I like the hidden gas tank look too. I don't want to mount one on my frame. I have a rack on the rear. I am planning a mid mount/center mount child's bike seat & possible front or back mount additional seat (like a Dutch bike). I would almost always ride with my children with no motor except on a hill probably. I don't want to walk a bike with one or two kids on it up a hill. I need advice. Electric or gas? 2 stroke or 4 (if gas)? Friction or chain drive (if gas)? I would like advice on brands or models. I need advice on the gearing & braking systems too. I do like the bgf hongdu/solex engine (posted to that thread too). I wonder why the solex type engine on ebay won't ship to California. Any ideas why? Here it is:*
Thanks. If someone could at least help with even part of my inquiries I'd be excited. I have big plans for my bike. I literally just got it. I haven't even cleaned or tuned it yet. It looks like it doesn't need much replacement of parts & rides nice.
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