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Lowracer, do you have any photos? I am very interested in this! I get some clutch noise (ringing,clanging) and some vibration at low RPM cruising, probably due to the clutch not fully engaging or engaging as tightly as at full throttle.

I understand the part about replacing the pivot bolt with 3/8" short bolts.

What do you mean about the "phillips end screw"? Does the BMP have a drilled/threaded hole in the center of the driveshaft, at the non-motor end?
The Dax kit I have has a collar, and a c-clip at the end. I spread the 2 collars at the sides of the roller as much as I could against the bearings (by hand). This helped a lot, too. The biggest reduction in vibration was from switching to a better tire. (CST Corporal)

Originally Posted by lowracer View Post
The BMP noise you are referring to (vibration) can be cured by not using the long thru bolt, & using 2 shorter 3/8" bolts w/nylock nuts & washers to attach each side of the channel to the U mount. It worked for me & the annoying (loud) vibration noise is gone.
Also you sould take any play out of the drum shaft going thru the bearings. I added one washer & it allow the phillips end screw to act like a tensioner. I tighten it just until the shaft becomes stiff to spin, then back it off slightly & then set the collar allen set screw. The shaft spins nice and free without play (which also can causes vibration noise).
I just ordered some spare rollers & extra bearings from Jim @ BMP while he still has them. He has a few eBay listings for the rollers.
1" roller Dax Friction Drive and Tanaka 3300 with mods.
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