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Question Re: Bmp rip

I found this post by search function (re: clutch ringing).

I don't think the Dax and BMP kits are the same. A similar type of product, but with some differences. I don't think the Dax is "made in china".

I get some clutch ringing/clanging when operating the bike at low speeds (tanaka 2 shoe clutch on 33cc), but none on acceleration, or after about 18mph. I have been contemplating coating the clutch drum with Tool Dip, bonding a rubber donut to the back, made from a truck mud flap, or hoping to find some other option to shut it up. Has anybody modified their clutch springs, used lighter springs, or done something similar to get a lower RPM engagement?

Originally Posted by Albula vulpes View Post
For What It is Worth............................................. ..

I own a BMP and a Thats Dax friction kit. The quality and craftsmanship of the BMP is/was superior to the Thats Dax kit. The BMP made alot of noise though, where the ThatsDax kit is quiet. The noise came from the clutch clamoring around in the clutch bell drum. I was not the only person with this problem and was not the only person trying to find a solution. It might be something simple. Not sure.

Currently I run BMP hardware, but run the Thatsdax housing/friction roller. It is a smooth setup, I'm happy with it, and have been getting excellent millage out of the tires I run with very little wear due to throttle management and pedal starts.

Not sure of the real reason why BMP failed as a business entity. If i was to speculate, I would say........

Misdirection on new product launch, confusing web layout(we used to sell shirts, and we sold the piss out of them, we only gave the customer one choice of color.(gray) it made it less confusing. Supplier of parts could have upped the ante making profit margin dismal, and thatsdax launch of his similar friction kit made in China shipped for under $100 bones might have been the icing on the cake.
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