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Default Re: SO CAL orange county spark plug heat range-NGK

Hey Alien, There was a HUGE discussion, Even a little infighting, over this issue on the "other" site. Most agree that unless you're riding in Death valley (a 7) or Alaska in winter (a 5) Then the B6HS is the one to use. A B5HS does not mean the spark is hotter, It simply means the porcelain of the plug holds more heat keeping the plug "hotter". The same it true in reverse for the B7 keeping the porcelain cooler.
So, being the "middle of the road plug" The B6HS is a good all around plug for the HT engine.
To get a hotter spark you would need to upgrade the CDI and possibly your coil. Unless you plan on building a high performance racing engine this is not necessary for a stock motorized build. The stock Happy Time should run just fine with the B6HS.
Thats good looking out changing the factory plug. Those things will leave you stranded, and usually miles from home. I hope you also replaced the plug wire and boot with better quality auto grade stuff. The chinese plug wire is the cheapest POS in the world.
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