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Default Re: Point Beach gets an EZM kit.

2 weeks ago I paid a good ol' boy (retired master tool and die maker) $20 to machine the hole in the center of the EZM sprocket to fit the Staton freewheel.
Other local machine shops wanted anywhere from $50 to $80 to do it, It's a $30 sprocket for cry'n out loud! :O

I got back into town Thursday after a 4 day vacation.

Friday I welded and drilled the sprocket bolt pattern to fit the Staton freewheel, it went from 9 hole to 5 hole mounting.
Saturday I painted the sprocket center to protect the welded areas from rust and cannibalized an old metal spoke protector from a long dead rear wheel to mount in between the Staton freewheel and hub. For the price of that wheel, I'll be damned if I am going to risk the chain eating up the spokes if it ever derails.

Today I sanded the bad rust off of the spoke protector and put it in a bath of "salad dressing" to clean all the rust off of it. Tomorrow or the next day I will paint it.

I also installed the 3 piece wide crank kit that I bought from another vendor.
I sorely wish I had heeded scotto-'s suggestion of using a 206mm bottom bracket cartridge instead of the slightly cheaper 3 piece, seperate cup and bearing kit.
Sometimes I can be soooo pig headed...
In my opinion it is very hokey and even though I cleaned up the ball bearing surfaces with sand paper (finishing up with 1000 grit) it rolls about as smooth as a skate board on a gravel road.
An upgrade is due in the future for sure!
No pictures for now, sorry.
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