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Default Re: Ok Guys ...... HELPPPPPPPPPP ................

Well has some sprocket adapters that fit certain hubs. What sort of engine are you thinking of getting? There's a number of high quality and powerful motors at 50cc that are much stronger than the chinese kit happy time engines that are 66cc. 4 stroke or 2 stroke? A lot of the other higher quality engines have built in centrifugal clutches. I think.

As for the kick start, you could most certainly adapt the pull start to a kick start. Just remove the rope mechanism and replace it with a springed kick thing, plenty on ebay. With all your tools and knowledge at your disposal im sure you can figure out a way to do it. What I do is kick start my engine by lifting the back wheel off the ground and punch the pedals with my leg.

Another way is to adapt or make some kind of jackshaft system that is tied to a crank that you can kick start it. Maybe get the sickbikeparts shift kit and on the engine sprocket side fabricate another sprocket mountin panel that you can push into the chain and pull out on the fly to kick start it that way? I dunno, with the tools and know how you can make anything happen
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