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Default Ok Guys ...... HELPPPPPPPPPP ................

Please be patient with me I am still trying to get this all figured out.
I have very good mechanical skills and a very shop at my disposal (lathes, welders, surface grinder) and waaaay too many "good" ideas!

I will be using a Dyno Glide Deluxe w/ a springer as my base.

Here are a couple of the specific things I believe I am looking for:

Centrifugal clutch

Pull start / recoil ( really a kicker,I wish)

60 - 90 cc engine

machined hub to sprocket adapter

Front disc brake

Ant thoughts or suggestions on my above shopping list ?

I am actually considering modifying the frame to a semi drop belly style in order to get a straighter alignment from engine to rear sprocket and to also lower the center of gravity as much as possible. I will also be welding in a engine mounting plate for structure and ease of alignment.
Has anyone used rubber "iso" mounts on their engine to reduce vibration?

Thanks to all , sorry for the long rambling ...............
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