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Default Re: BGF friction drive kit

Update, I hate to say it but it is actually worse again than I thought. Looking at the bearing bosses they are so out of alignment that they just hold the bearings out of square to the shaft. It has a portion of a pump or some other part to use as the clutch housing that is used to make the connection to the main bracket. On this part they just drilled out the threads to run bolts through to the engine. The bosses do not accommodate the idea, so as you would snug up the bolts it just compresses the parts. I think I am going to just make small sleeves over each bolt to take its place. I dont know who engineered this thing but what a mess, all the critical alignments have not been met. It is possible that the Chinese are trying to get even for something, LOL but BGF has a lot of good feedback on his site, so if I were him I would stay away from this kit. I can make anything work but this is a challenge. Have fun, Dave

PS: I hope the engine is as good as posted or I'm in trouble. I also hope this saves everyone any grief, if you are good at repairs, like me you may be able to get this thing working otherwise stay away. For sure is too expensive, if it were 115 bucks you would have at least an engine you can use, or at least I think you can use.
Its just a job. (Link) My shop is in the lower R/H corner.
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