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Default Greetings from Wisconsin

Hi Everyone
I have been looking around on the forum for couple months now and thought
I would introduce myself to you all.

I had my first motorized bicycle 45 years ago when my cousin and I each built our own with the help of Marvin the local gearhead dragracer that lived down the block that I grew up on. Mine was a two stroke tecumseh and my cousin had a 5 horse brigs build (the first motors we found). Marvin helped us weld the motormounts on the frame and the sproket to the rear hub. He helped us line up the motor to the sproket and cut us loose and said have fun. We did have a lot of fun on them riding around the city and the countryside until the cops said we couldnt ride them any more.

Any way, now Ive got the bug again and I've decided to motorize a 51 cantilevered frame schwinn (with a Pullman headbadge). I found the bike in a basement of an abandoned house I was rehabbing and the owners of the house said I could have it. It just looked too cool to let go. I will start a build thread soon with the details of that. It's really cool How you guys all share your knowledge and help one another work stuff out. I am looking forward to getting to know you all better. I know the general direction that I want my build to go, but I got a lot of questions. Like 2 stroke or 4 stroke, Jackshaft or no jack shaft....


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