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Default Re: Getting all 3 Horse Power out of your GT-5 Sky? (tear down)

So I got the engine all back together and installed on my bike (it really looks sweet). Also I installed a "kings" top hat adapter and a 39 tooth sprocket to the new back wheel. I can not believe how true this thing runs, its literally perfect. After that I installed street tires to both back and front with heavy duty down hill Schrader tubes.

Then I started it.

To my surprise it came right to life! And now it has a much more prevalent "POP" during cycles. This thing now sounds like a healthy off the shelf chainsaw (and it still has the stock exhaust on it!)

Also the lighter crank gives the engine instant thottle response, I can rev it like a "braper" lol. But the balanced crank is what is really scary. Form 10-18 mph its a little choppy (and I mean a little) after 20mph it gets uncomfortably smooth, and the engine wants to rev forever.
After a few warm up rides I couldn't take it and went WOT for a block. I didn't hit its top speed it just kept getting faster and smoother but I would guess its new top speed is in the 35mph area.

I don't have and videos or pics yet because I finished installing the engine at 9:00pm yesterday night but you can expect some soon!

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