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Default Finally Got Stranded....chain problems

Well I've been riding my motorized bicycle for a little while now (broke it in and such) but sometimes I still get chain problems (it will sometimes pop off the sprocket, the chain doesnt break it just is very loose sometimes and gets unaligned). I don't use a chain tensioner and I am using a #41 roller chain.

So knowing this I carry some tools with me. Spare chain, spare master links, chain breaking tool, wrenches to move wheels, etc.

Well I decided to go fishing one day and all was well. I rode the 20+ miles to my fishing place and rode around to a few other places. All in all I probably got around 40 miles or so before I decided to head home.

I make it half way to my house (now put on about 50 miles with a good 8+ miles still to go, the majority of it is up hills) and my chain pops off and I swear to God it either disintegrated or the rode ate it because I looked around for it for a good 20 minutes and couldn't find a single piece anywhere.

I called it quits looking for the chain and decided to just use my spare chain. Well to bad for me I forgot the tool to pass your chain through the motor clutch part so I had to use a pair of needle node pliers to pass the chain through and when I finally got it on I then realized I had no master links and the chain was just a little to short to connect so even if I did, it wouldn't of reached.

Luckily I was able to get a buddy to come pick me up and I wasn't to far away from civilization that I couldn't just peddle the bike to a store and sit there and wait.

Now I know to be more prepared cause now I have to buy another roller chain and while I am at it I am going to replace all the sprocket and clutch plate nuts and bolts cause they were starting to come loose and the majority of them are stripped. Cheap Chinese parts....well they weren't as bad as everyone said they were. I probably got over 150 miles on the bike before needing to replace them.


Got stranded. Want to know what I can do about this chain popping off.

Would it be a good idea to locktite the bolts?


reading up on the problem I read "Sprocket not centered on the rear wheel will cause the chain tension to rapidly change from tight too loose." which is what my bike does. It can be nice and tight (I dare call it perfect) but sometimes it is very loose with a lot of slack. If I remove one link, it is no longer long enough to install so I am thinking it must be my sprocket.

The chain does pass through straight (looks straight to me) and lines up from the rear wheel to the motor. I really wasn't paying attention to the sprocket when I put it on.

Also considering to file the side teeth of the sprocket.

I will await the opinions of those who know more than me though.
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Till next time


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