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Default Re: Centrifugal Clutch fell apart

Nothing bad or wrong happened.
I usually file the egg-shaped hole in the weight assembly so that everything comes apart easily like it did for you. I do this in case the manual clutch portion needs servicing, so that the centrifugal clutch stuff can come off easily without having to pull off the tapered piece that locks onto the crankshaft.
On some clutches that I have received, the fit is loose, and on some they are locked together in a death grip. You must of had a death grip version, so you may have thought that the parts were welded together.
On some clutches, when the bolt is removed, you can tilt the bike to the right and the clutch assembly will fall off into your waiting hand.
Just reassemble, and everything will be fine.
The hardest part will be reassembling the sprag portion, with those tiny little cylinders. Use some thick grease to hold them in place when reinstalling the keeper.
You might have a hard time getting the weight assembly back onto the part that is on the crankshaft, so just file the egg-shaped hole and matching boss on the other piece until everything fits back together.
The bolt that threads into the crankshaft is what holds everything together, and the egg shape is what prevents the parts from rotating individually.
Don't file too much, just enough so that the parts can go together and be removed easily.

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