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Hey, my name's Dave. I'm an average 25 year old guy I guess. I'm into photography, music, skateboarding, computers, and my newest interest... motor bikes! I've been lurking this forum for the past month trying to get all the information I can before I go posting about my project.

My roommate and I decided we wanted to start a motor bicycle project after we watched a short documentary on mopeds. We both got fairly good deals on cruiser bikes off craigslist and decided to just go the whole 9 yards with repainting, restoring, and mounting kits and accessories. We're about a month into it so far. Here's some pics to show the progress on mine:

Before painting

After painting

After rebuilding

Tonight I noticed I'm going to need a U bolt to mount my engine on the front frame bar since it's too big around and I don't want to drill a hole through the frame. So that's my next obstacle. I'll probably order one along with a few extra things like a speedometer, headlight, and mirror.

I've been telling my roommate to sign up on here as well. His bike is looking pretty snazzy too.

Anyway, I guess that wraps it up. If anybody has any advice or suggestions, feel free to throw 'em my way! Thanks for all the help so far!

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