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Default Clutch!!!

So I was putting my engine on my bike today and everything was going smooth until I tried to put my clutch cover on. I had the ball and bar in the clutch and the bucking bar was in a position such that it would have been disengaged.

When I went to put it on it stopped short about half an inch of sealing with the crank case. The bar was inserted in the right place on the clutch cover but the bar was too far out. I have no idea how this can be. I havenít touched the internal clutch separation assembly so itís at its stock settings that it has always been at. No matter how hard I try the bar wonít move in. I have taken the clutch plate and flower nut off the other side of the clutch assembly thinking it was out of adjustment but that did nothing. The clutch bar wonít go in to its original position and there is nothing blocking it to do so.

Any help would be great Iím totally baffled why this would happen it doesnít seem there would be any reason for it to act this way.
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