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Default Re: what did you do to your motor bike today?

I haven't ridden at all for the last week or two, the weather's been too crappy and the workdays have been too long. I've been keeping the pressure up in the tires, and rocking it to keep the fuel from separating completely in hopes that the next morning would be a riding day.

However, I upgraded some of my gear last weekend with a trip to the Vancouver Motorcycle Show. Sadly, there weren't that many custom bikes to drool over this year. I ended up being able to take advatage of the show prices with a new DOT certified Voss fiberglass shorty helmet, a pair of goggles that actually fit my face (UV protective, too) and a mask to reduce the sting of the grit, crap and rain (added bonus, it protects your eyes from my ugly mug ).

All suited up I look like I should be an extra on a Road Warrior set.


The helmet also has a built-in swing-down tinted visor for the bright days.



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