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Default Re: what did you do to your motor bike today?

It's been a good week for commuting to work. The only glitches were carb adjustments due to a high fuel/oil ratio, and a pesky first-to-second gear delay. New shifter cable and housings were installed; I need to tighten the cable a smidge.

I adjust my carb quite often. It's hard to do on the road, with engine running. Now, instead of carrying a screwdriver in my pocket, I change the "L" and "H" settings with the fingernail on my forefinger. Adjustments can be made with engine running @ the traffic light. With a screwdriver, I had to turn the engine off and adjust settings.

When I pumped in 3 quarts of 87 octane and Opti-2, f/o became almost normal @ about 95:1, up from 80:1. The Tanaka 47R engine REALLY enjoys 100:1 with Opti-2. Idle is smooth, plus there's less oil splatter with less oil in the fuel mix.

The Tanaka's OEM muffler tip is too short. The 1/2" exhaust extension hose won't stay connected. I need to fab an extension piece for the muffler tip.

My pullstart jams on the second pull, with the rope stretched out and stuck. I just pull on it a couple more times, then the pullstart starts working again. The first time it happened after work, I was frazzled. After disassembling the pullstart, I loosened the center screw and it started working again. When it happened again, I didn't wanna keep disassembling it every time it happened. So I pulled on the stuck rope and it recoiled to normal!

I just had an epiphany! Instead of repairing/replacing the defective pullstart, I'll just leave it on the engine. If someone tries to start the engine, the rope will stretch out and jam. That'll be a good theft deterrent.
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