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Default Lets give this a try ...........

I hope this meets the criteria here for the introductions apparently doesn't on that other motorized bike board! Hope you all don't mind me hanging out with you guys instead of them. Thanks for having me and I hope not to offend.

Hello from Maine!

Always , always been a huge bicycle fan , at one point had 20 or 30 antique bikes. Sold most off to fund other projects. Now have around a dozen "good" bikes, you know a bike for every mood. All newer bikes but each one working and operating as it should.

However there has been something missing ........................ something I need ............................MORE POWER ! !

Undecided on the route I will be taking for this. The 49cc would be cheap and beneficial , the 66cc probably a better for the money choice , electric is quite intriguing. Most likely start with the gas chain drive system.

I think I will be modifying my Dyno Glide Deluxe for this build! I think I am going to modify the frame for more of a low mount engine , much like a "board tracker" style "belly" frame. To keep the engine low and better alignment with the rear sprocket. I Hope!

I really wish there were "better" engine choices than just the China engines. I am toying with the idea of at least investigating a chainsaw power plant option. Also there are some neat mini motorcycle auto clutch options out there. Not sure if I would want a shifter to mess with. Ahhh we'll see what happens. Most likely start with a cheapy China kit.

Thanks to all for having me!
Lots of great info on here! Thanks
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