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Default Re: what did you do to your motor bike today?

I rode my Tanaka bike (pedal) with a bunch of Critical Mass riders. They were the friendly type, smiling and waving at people, talking calmly with curious drivers and onlookers. I've heard of some Critical Mass events with a lot of animosity and police crack-downs. I wouldn't support any of that.

The bicyclists were mostly snarky, but a few were interested in the Dax system. Some said "That's cheating!" I told them, no way, I pedal it like a bike, and it doubles as a car that looks like a bike. They quit being so holy after I told them it gets more than 100mpg.

I had a fun day! I rode bikes in a big group, and it is fun to see the city at night that way. I rode for hours on 2 Liters of mix gas, and the bike ran well. The ace-bandage air screen seems to work really well.

I saw rabbits, armadillos, coyotes, and an owl. I thought the owl was going to attack me! It fluttered its wings and launched toward me, so I blinded it with my helmet light and it flew away. I like owls, but I sure don't want to tangle with one!
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