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Default Re: Getting all 3 Horse Power out of your GT-5 Sky? (tear down)

So I’m a go for the spacer. It should be made in a week or so!!

For now (because college is starting and I need my bike for the commute) I have assembled my engine with the old (small end) needle bearing, original screws, original air filter, original exaust, and original intake. These parts are all on order but can be replaced without having to take the case apart so I’ll be replacing them as I get them.

Here is a mod I did to the piston before I assembled the case tonight. Ill have to take more out of it once I get the spacer. But how it is now the intake port it perfectly open at TDC.

Here is a picture of the engine 90% assembled I just need to at the intake spout and carb tomorrow, along with exhaust and bolting on the head.

As I get new parts ill be able to install them one by one and let you know exactly how much power they really give me.

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