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Default BGF friction drive kit

I got a BGF kit for a friend today and the shaft will barely turn so I took it apart to see what is up. Wow is this thing made bad. For one thing the mount that the engine is on is not square, so there is no way that the the shaft will align. The outside bearing boss is out of round so as soon as you put the bearing in place it warps the outer race and the bearing will not turn. Also the bolt holes are all that is used to align the engine to the clutch bell, so I know that is out of alignment. Also the adjustment clamp is just a seat post clamp in some sleeve with a shaft out the other side and no outer tube to pull all together, the threads just bottom out and are too long to even touch the clamp. I'm upset with this thing, I told my friend I would install it for free, It should have taken about 20 minutes to install now I have to find a way to repair all this junk, and it may not be possible. A waste of 277 bucks. BGF should at least run some of his kits and see if they will hold up. Have fun if you can, Egor
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