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Default Re: Gnarley-Davidson

The link works for me so im not sure.

Welcome to help anytime, like i was telling you i never really 100% tried to find a centrifugal clutch that would work with my motor, but as yet i havent seen or heard of one that would work..... but Wayne said your engines governed to 1800, so if you were to lift the restriction (providing no damage would be done) and a centrifugal clutch may work.

I was telling you about how i overcame this problem with my Villiers that has about the same rpm range..... its a simple handclutch and works just fine.

Wayne pointed out you may have a problem finding a clutch, but like i was telling you earlier, you will also need a jackshaft to get the right reduction for the engine whether you choose a centrifugal clutch or not.
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